Mountain Man

18 Sep Mountain Man

Any Bob Newhart fans out there?  Well, we’d like to introduce Darrell.  Yes, he does have other brothers, but not named Darrell, or Larry for that matter.  Darrell is the electrician here at RC Heating & Cooling.  He is also a part of  the American Mountain Man association.  We’ll write more about that later.bumber sticker

This post, however, is about Darrell’s garden.  Several of us at work have gardens. At least we had gardens in May.  By this time of year, my garden has become a tangled mess of bindweed.  I think Darrell wins because he has a garden that still looks like a garden in (2)

We wanted to share this okra plant picture with you.  It’s over 6 feet tall.  The only okra I’ve had to eat is the breaded kind in the buffet line.  But, Darrell and his wife have pickled quite a bit of their okra.  He brought some to work for me to try.  It was very good and tasted like dill (1)best medicine for herpes height=”185″ />

The weather here this summer was strange, but nice.  We had quite a bit of rain and cooler temperatures than normal.  Apparently, that’s good for okra.  Here’s the mountain man recipe for pickled okra:okra recipe

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