Ladders and Paint

24 Jun Ladders and Paint

The other day I showed you our large area that was full of stuff that we had organized and purged in a post called More or Less.  So that you can get to know us here at RC a little better, let’s continue the shop tour.

After we finished up in the large room, the main office area looked pretty bleak.  So we started peeling off the ugly wallpaper.  Then came the painting.  I’m not sure why all the ladders–maybe someone couldn’t decide which one to use.laddersThe old wallpaper was a dark green with various stripes, colors and patterns.  Here’s an old picture I found with the lovely wallpaper behind me.  I do not miss it.Picture download date 3-8-11 314


Now the office is brighter and more pleasant.  I like it much better.  Here’s the front door entryway.  This is about the same angle as the ladder one above.


This is also in the front area of the office.


We have a shadow box full of name plates from off of old hvac equipment. Most of them are from Carrier units.

ac plate case

One of my favorite things about this part is the print from a painting by Matthew Richter. You can see more of his paintings on his website,

office1We have all the same office stuff we had before, but everything seems cleaner and nicer with the new paint.    Thanks for coming on the tour!

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