A Birthday

13 Oct A Birthday

Grandma’s birthday is October 11th.  I wrote this before Grandma’s birthday in 2006.  She didn’t quite make it to that day, but passed away 3 days before her 100th birthday.  That’s still a lot of life.  Grandma was a calm (probably all that English blood) and sincere person.  She said she lived her life so that her “light” would shine for Jesus.  What I wrote below is a little frivolous, but Grandma also liked to laugh.  This picture was in 1982.photo (9)

My Grandmother will soon be a centurion.  You hear people say that they don’t want to live past a given age, and they give all kinds of ridiculous reasons.  I wonder if when they reach that age, they will continue to see the doctor about their aches and pains.  Not me, I want to live long–I’m into that.

If I had better insurance I’d be at the doctor’s office weekly.  I had my cholesterol checked not long ago and my doc thinks I’m just fine.  But that’s because he’s a geriatric doctor, and I do seem pretty healthy compared to what usually walks through his door.  Why, you may wonder, do I see a geriatric doctor?  When I first signed up with his office, he was just a regular GP.  But like in any business, you need loyal customers.  And in that field what an ingenious way to keep those customers–I mean patients.  Last I heard, he had signed up for a mortician’s class.

So, being the hypochondriac I am; at least I think I am–I have all the symptoms of that condition–I really need to find out what has kept Grandma going all these years.  So far, I think the key is simplicity and moderation.  Ugly words in modern times.  By simple I don’t mean easy.  Her’s has been a tough life.  Grandma hardly ever eats out.  Perhaps not even once a year.  She eats many vegetables because, let’s face it, that’s about all that grows in the garden.  Dessert is very rare, but they do have preserves and homemade bread pretty often.  And they do eat most things fried.  Fried tators, fried beef, fried squash, fried eggs, fried bacon, etc.  Maybe I am eating the right stuff.  Oh yes, she also drinks tea.  Not the all-popular green tea.  Just the regular orange-pekoe, brewed and sweetened.

Last of all, she has a sense of humor.  Not the knee-slapping kind of humor, but she is able to see the funny irony an ordinary day of life can bring.  At the end of the day, with a twinkle in her eye, she might share something funny she had seen or heard.  She also hums a lot while she works–mainly hymns she has learned in church.

Fried food, tea, humming and humor.  I would start on this today, but before I begin, I’d better check with my doctor.

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