Father’s Day Thoughts

21 Jun Father’s Day Thoughts

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It sneaks up on me, gives a tap on my shoulder as a reminder, and then before I’ve realized what’s happened, it reaches it’s prickly fingers right down into my soul and pulls on all my heartstrings at once.

I can be minding my own business, running errands and glance to the side.  There it is–something that brings with it an iota of memory.  Before I can redirect, it begins to settle into my thoughts.  Should I–  Can I, ignore it?  Just a few more seconds, if I linger, and it will get a toehold and wrap me up in overwhelming sadness.

Sometimes I give in, sometimes I can ignore it, and sometimes I have no choice.

Grief is a trickster.  He lurks behind happy occasions, jumps out during pleasant memories and leaves holes in family get-togethers.  To ignore him is denial, to embrace him is resignation.  So in walking with time, often I am pulled over by grief and less often I can just look at him and smile.

For I know that my being and my quirks and my memories are an offshoot of those who passed them down to me and are now gone.  Part of them remains because I remain.  With more time, I’ll be able to smile more often and be pulled over less by grief.

So we need to improve on the good handed down to us and diminish the ugliness that may have come along with it.  In this way, when our children and grandchildren find ourselves in themselves, if will bring comfort.

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