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24 Jun AC Helps

We know that it can get uncomfortable if you have to wait on your heating and cooling technician to arrive.  Below are some tips that may help you to stay comfortable and keep your heating and cooling equipment running better.
Replace your filter.  The flow of air to your AC or heating unit is very important.  If you haven’t replaced your filter and it has become plugged, this restriction could cause problems with the function of your unit.

Make sure the batteries in your thermostat are working.  If your batteries are bad or weak, then the thermostat will revert back to the factory setting.  This could cause your unit to run differently than you have it set.  Keep in mind, not all thermostats have batteries.

Check your breaker.  If the breaker to your AC or furnace has been tripped, reset the breaker.  However, the breaker usually has been tripped for a safety reason.  Sometimes a storm can cause a breaker to trip when lightening strikes.  If the breaker keeps tripping, it’s best to call your technician to find the cause.

Thaw your frozen unit.  If you have found excessive water around your unit it can sometimes indicate that your unit has become frozen and is slowly thawing.  To thaw this quickly and get your unit cooling again, shut off the unit but keep your fan on.  you will need to call your technician to find the cause, but this will help him fix your AC more quickly since he will not be waiting on the unit to thaw before he can fix the problem.  In addition to a freezing unit, excess water can also come from a plugged drain.

Clean your outdoor unit.  It is recommended in this area to wash your outdoor unit to clean off the debris, such as cottonwood to help it operate better.  Note! — Be sure to shut off power to the unit before doing this.  It is important to keep both your AC and furnace clean and in good working order.  Here at RC Heating & Cooling we have a yearly maintenance contract for just this reason.  Check out the Blue Bison Energy Savings Plan here.

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