Dust, anyone?

25 Jun Dust, anyone?

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Freshly painted walls, new carpet, first apartment — what’s not to love?

This wonderful place even had a new filter installed.  Our son had just moved to his new apartment and although most everything was great, there was this.  This dust.  Lots of dust.

After noticing some dust through the register, we decided to take it off and vacuum.  So glad we did!  If the apartment was clean, how had this happened?  Ross (RC) took a look at the inside unit and found that it hadn’t been installed correctly.  The ductwork did not fit into the unit properly and there were big gaps.  This caused lots of wasted air that wasn’t even getting to the ducts or the vents.  The gaps also allowed dirt to get in.  Getting this repaired resulted in less dust and less money wasted on air not going where it should.

Proper installations are important, and proper maintenance is important.  It’s good for your health and your budget.

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