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25 Sep Vroom! Vroom!

This is Jack!  100_3876

Why is it that names like Jack or Joe seem so usable and comforting?  Other names have been around just as long, but Joe and Jack sound like solid names that you could call anyone.  “Hey Joe, how ya doin’?”– even if you don’t know their real name.  “Hey Jack, what’s up?”– even if the guy’s name is Beauford.

My family has a Joe and my work family has a Jack.  Jack has been working at RC for about 8 years and has the distinguished title of Shop Dog and all-around Help.  He works here part-time.  Jack does stuff such as putting away things others should have put away themselves, ahem!  He tears apart equipment that needs to be scrapped, he helps prepare parts for upcoming jobs, sometimes he go-phers stuff that’s needed, he helps with the jobs and many, many other “shop-type” work.photo (4)

What’s interesting is that one of Jack’s hobbies is also help related.  He is a member of the Sons of the American Legion.  The site says, “Sons of the American Legion include males of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the US military and were eligible for American Legion membership.”  Jack’s Dad served in the Korean War.  This group is active here in McPherson and one of the things they do is raise money for different needs.  For example, they raised money to help build a playground for the children of the soldiers up at Ft. Riley.  He is also a part of the Legion Riders, which is a group within The American Legion.  Here is picture of Jack with this wife, Nicole, and you can see the Legion Rider emblem on the windshield of his motorcycle.Jack bike

When he isn’t working, Jack likes to spend time riding his motorcycle.  He says it’s not unusual to put in over 200 miles on the bike for a day trip.  Here’s another picture of them right before heading out on an excursion.Jack&Nicole

“Hi, Jack”  Have a safe ride!


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