Old Dogs and Wine

23 Jun Old Dogs and Wine

“Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes” is a line from a decades-ago song that was sung by Tom T. Hall.  I think it was called Watermelon Wine, but better known as Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine.  It’s a country song and when I hear it I picture an old blood hound lying on a braided rug by a fireplace.  But it could be any old dog.

I’ve got an old dog.  Her name is Dixie, and she turned 16 in January.  Dixie was easy to train and loves being a part of the family.  Here is a recent picture.  Our kitchen floor is heated in the winter and she loves hanging out in this doggy bed more than the sofa.

photo (8)
For over the past year, Dixie has been showing signs of diabetes. We had another dog that had diabetes and had to give him shots for over a year. I’ve been trying something different with Dixie. When I hear never-ending lapping from the water bowl the first thing I do is make sure she heads outside. The next thing I do for my old dog is at her next feeding.  After I feed her this, it’s weeks or months until she has any episodes.  Even though I’m buying better (more expensive) dog food, I’m sure there are nutrients she needs that are missing from her doggy diet.  So with this I make sure she’s getting a lot of nutrients.
supermixThis product is called Supermix and is put out by Zija International.  This one packet is good for a person up to 250 pounds; so, I don’t give the whole kit and caboodle to Dixie, but I do mix about half of this into her food.  My dogs eat dry dog food, but to get this mixed in well, I will buy dog food that’s canned or in a packet just for this occasion.  The key ingredient in this is called moringa, which is the most nutrient-dense plant that’s been found, so they tell me.  And I believe it.  She gobbles it down and feels better.

So there you have it.  A little “moringa-wine” for my old-dog, Dixie!

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