Butternuts and Brakes

23 Oct Butternuts and Brakes

The very next day after I wrote about how we like to eat around here, Bryan brings in a pie.  Not just any pie–this was a pie he had made himself.  It kind of looked like a pumpkin pie, but Bryan said it was a butternut squash pie.  We immediately had to try it–delicious!byran pie

As you can see, I didn’t think about taking a picture until the pie was almost gone.  So here is a picture of the pie, and the chef.  Because of this mishap, I think Bryan should make us another pie, just so we can get a more complete picture!  In case you’re wondering– “what is butternut squash?”–here is a picture:butternuts

Besides cooking, Bryan is the sheetmetal expert around here.  He spends time in the “brake” room bending metal, creating custom ductwork and transitions in all sizes for optimum operation of heating and cooling equipment.  The brake is the piece of machinery that can bend the metal easily.  Here is Bryan using the brake.bryan brake

Looks like he’s just about done–good thing–we’re ready for some more pie!


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